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Topo Kimani Ing
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Kimani is a poet, composer, singer and black woman from São Paulo.

Her mother is from Bahia - Brazil and she lives in Grajaú, neighbourhood from the suburbs from São Paulo. She started her career on poetry battles (Slam) and concentrates her poetry through melodic verses that touches the audience. 

After she won SLAM SP 2017 and in the same year become vice-champion in SLAM BR. Kimani recites her poetry and try to make a difference through hard times, have the written as a life saver and believes in the power of rhymes, accent and body.

Bio Kimani Ing

Already staged along national RAP icons, such as MV Bill on  "Manos e Minas" TV Show, have been the open act from Rincon Sapiência, Chico César, Nina Oliveira, Baco Exu do Blues, Bixiga 70 along others.

Kimani gained more notoriety after the creation and voice over for the presentation poem for the "Manifesto" for the american season "The Handmaid's Tale"

In 2019 she appeared in ads for brands like Nike Authentic Feet and Google. Also in the same year she won "SLAM BR" and will represent Brazil in "Coupe du Monde" in France in 2020.

For 2020, Kimani is recording her first EP with original music.


Nike Authentic Feet | Todas por Uma

Handmaid's Tale | Manifesto Globoplay

Manos e Minas

FLUP 2017

Meu Melhor Defeito

Red Bull | Sófálá

Walk Your Talk

Google | Movimento | Presença Negra

Kimani | Pássaro Negro- Slam da Guilhermina FLIP 2019

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