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Fernaun is graduated in Geography and teacher in the communities of São Paulo. Released his first album in March - 2018. 

As a street poet, acts through São Paulo's schools with cultural activities and act into the Slam scene. Won several slam battles such as "Slam do 13", "Slam do Grito", "Slam da Norte", "Slam Resistência", "Slam Sujeira" and also won "FENAPO 2018" award.

In 2017 attended "Festival Sons da Rua" where divided the stage with major brazilian hip hop artists such as Criolo, Emicida, Rael, Rashid and Tássia Reis.

In August 2018 attended "Manos e Minas" show in TV Cultura station.

English Fernaun BIO

In 2019 released "Entre Muros e Poesias", the project consisted in 9 new songs with different videoclips for all. It was recorded, produced and filmed in Mandril Audio. Fernaun's band are followed by Madbredas group and producers Rodrigo Ramos and Johnny Bolzan.

His new project ("Entre Muros e Poesias") was released lively in cultural venues around São Paulo city.

The Geography is his way to see and understand the World, he sees  the Street Poetry as a school, a place for information a above all that, new learnings.




Entre Muros e Poesias - 2019


Fernaun - 2018



  • YouTube
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Siglas - 2017

Sexta-Feira Temer - 2017

Dialogo - 2016


Entre Muros e Poesias

Engilsh Entre Muros

Camisa 10

Não me venha falar de Amor (Part. Kimani)

Deus, bora

De Dentro pra Fora (Part. Mana Bella)


Quem dá as Cartas?


Vida Boemia (Part. Kolla)

Mas eu não Sabia

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